February 2007

The man with the answers?

NOTE: IT’S BEEN DELAYED TO 8PM About 4 or 5 years ago, Mike Robinette, formerly of MVRPC, brought Richard Florida into town to speak. It was at the Ponitz center (bldg. 12 of Sinclair). The room was packed with every mover and shaker in town (not that they accomplish much moving or shaking). And next Read More

Tenure in teaching- or I’m glad I’m not Steve Jobs.

Teaching is one of the last honorable professions left. At least that’s my opinion. Underpaid, overworked, asked to do the impossible daily- teaching is a profession of underdogs- and underdogs should have a union (just like NCAA atheletes should- but that’s another can of worms). Steve Jobs is getting blasted for his position on tenure- Read More

The economic impact of snow days

I grew up in Cleveland. Driving in this snow is actually fun for me (and no, I don’t drive an SUV or 4WD vehicle). But, I have to say this: we do a lousy job of clearing the streets in Dayton and there should be no excuse. Yes, I am well aware of the number Read More

It’s back… Dayton Politics is alive… again.

I’m not sure what’s going on- but www.DaytonPolitics.com is back, and it either stole, or is the same people as www.daytonwatchdog.com (same post- both sites)- note: daytonwatchdog now seems to be down… Last we heard before it went down- it was up for offers for a takeover. I offered to host it- and to help Read More

Political nepotism and duplication: Branding Dayton

Am I the only one who questions this? Of course it’s easy to spend money and duplicate effort when you hire the wife of the Congressman: Coalition polls region to find brand – Dayton Business Journal: That’s the question the Dayton Development Coalition wants to address after deciding the region needs an identity of its Read More

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