November 2006

A day that shall live in infamy. Ohio goes smoke free Dec. 7 2006!

From Smoke Free Ohio: On Thursday December 7th, for the first time in Ohio’s history, all Ohioans will be able to go out to eat, go to a bowling alley, even go out for a drink with friends in a completely smoke-free environment. Hard to imagine, right? Not anymore! So, what is the best way Read More

Today is your day to go smokefree.

Although public buildings in Ohio will go smoke free on December 7th. Today is the day for your lungs to go smoke free if you are a smoker. The Great American Smokeout is an effort of the American Cancer Society- and is partially credited for helping American’s go from 37.1% of our adults smoking in Read More

Dayton finally makes a smart move on City Manager

With the hiring of the “acting city manager” Rashad Young, The Dayton City Commission took a confident step in the right direction. Finally, an admission that we might not be as broken internally as we seem to play in the public eye. Going outside for a top exec is an admission that your own people Read More

Do all bar owners flunk math?

Ray Dixon needs a math lesson- which I’ll get back to. I’ve had some server issues that have had me rewrite this 2x. I love the Dublin Pub, but only when I can sit outside and escape the smoke. On Dec. 7 that will change. Shop owners chime in on butts-out law At the Dublin Read More

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