October 2006

A million dollar shooting range?

Last week, the City Commission voted themselves a raise- and to buy a new shooting range at the Dayton Police Academy. And I have to ask? Why is Dayton the only department that can’t accept officers trained by the State training program? Why do we continue to dedicate several officers, full time, to staff a Read More

It’s time to break the politician mold.

I filmed the Grassroots Greater Dayton candidate forum last night. All four County Commission candidates: Judy Dodge (D) vs. Dixie Allen (appointed incumbent, recently turned R) Chuck Curran (incumbent R) and Dan Foley (D)- and the two candidates for County Auditor: Karl Keith (incumbent D) and Seth Morgan (R). Pardon me, but you need a Read More

Dayton commissioners approve pay raise

Interestingly enough- Commissioner Joey Williams, voted no. Of course, he’s the one with the best full time job – as local bank president for Chase. For Mayor McLin who works as Mayor full time, she now makes around what Commissioner Whaley made when she worked for the County Auditor before she became a commissioner. Commissioner Read More

Disneyland – now in Dayton.

I broke down and went to “The Greene” last night. It was a Saturday night, and the place wasn’t quite hopping, but it had more action than Downtown does except when there is a show at the Schuster, Victoria and the Loft all on one night. My friend kept muttering “sprawl”- and I kept looking Read More

DDN wants to be MySpace? Same for Oregon District? Portal madness comes to Dayton

Everyone wants to launch a portal this week it seems, but the Dayton Daily News effort, www.meetFred.com is so out of character it almost gives me a belly laugh. I haven’t turned on the TV this week, or the radio (much like many of the kids who may be the target market) – but learning Read More

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