August 2006

Economic Development gone wrong…

When I was still in college I worked at Multi-Service for a short stint to help them with marketing and sales. Mel Tatman hired me, his father, Ford, a crusty old man, fired me (for eating lunch at 3pm- because I was working through the normal lunch time). The industrial laundry business was tough; a Read More

Pay for performance for Politicians?

When I first ran for Mayor against Richard Clay Dixon (and Mike Turner) I had proposed to tie my salary to the median income of the residents of Dayton- which back then was about $18,000 for a family of four. Didn’t make sense for a part-time Mayor to make more. That was when being Mayor Read More

Is it time for a unified areawide income tax?

OIA moving to Beavercreek isn’t news- but, could one reason they are moving is to give their employees an instant 2.25% pay raise? Compare Beavercreek and Washington Township- both income tax free, to Dayton and you start to see an uneven playing field. Maybe, it’s time to look at a regional income tax, administered by Read More

Apparently Chuck Horn gets it.

I give credit where credit it due- and this response to the Greene by former State Senator Chuck Horn is right on the money. And money is what it’s all about when we talk about economic development, three kinds of money: money that circulates inside our region money that leaves our region and money that Read More

The Greene and the region

Disneyland for shoppers has arrived in Dayton, it’s called The Greene, and it’s a good thing for all the wrong reasons. It’s good for Dayton because it created the vehicle to bring more shopping choices to our market- and give us amenities that used to be a long car drive away. Instead of having to Read More

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