May 2006

Yet another group- trying to do the same thing

Dayton should be the capital of redundancy. We’ve got more “regional cooperation” taskforces, working groups, coalitions etc. soadd another on the the list: Grassroots Greater Dayton. Founded by activist Jean Woodhull, they are looking for ways to achieve “balanced development” and fight sprawl. Simply put, we’re building new houses for no new people at a Read More

Al Gore predicts great things for Dayton’s future

This morning I saw Katie Couric, on the Today show, interview Al Gore, the man who used to be “America’s next president.” He is out promoting a film and a book about the dangers of global warming, and if he is right, real estate values in Dayton will sky rocket as soon as the polar Read More

Dayton Daily News slams local business

As if trying to do business in a tough economy isn’t enough, now Dayton businesses have to worry about getting attacked in the Dayton Daily News. On Friday, May 13 2006, I open my paper to the sports section and see a huge article, top of the page- “Are Bombers skating on thin ice”- never Read More

When Greater means lesser

I’m in advertising- and one of our specialties is branding. One of the recurring themes in this blog is the Dayton community’s low self-esteem. For some odd reason Daytonians can’t live with the name “Dayton” by itself- we say “Dayton Ohio” as if everyone is going to confuse it with “Dayton Kentucky.” Then, we also Read More

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