April 2006

CareSource does have options downtown

Today’s Dayton Daily News reported that CareSource will be building a 51 million dollar office complex at the corner of Main and Monument because “their requirements can’t be met in the vacant space downtown’? If CareSource wasn’t asking for $500,000 from the City of Dayton and another $500,000 from the Montgomery county ED/GE fund, I Read More

Face the problem- don’t regulate it.

The Dayton City Commission doesn’t have the foresight to see that the Oregon District’s only chance of booming is allowing more entertainment type businesses serving and selling liquor- since the historic ordinances limit what you can do to a building and zoning requirements that make it impossible to occupy currently vacant buildings. Last night- they Read More

A small group-

www.asmallgroup.net A friend pointed me to this site in Cincinnati- A small group. The idea is put in practice in my neighborhood- The South Park Historic District- where a small group of committed citizens works together to strengthen our neighborhood. This organization helps small groups be more effective. Take a look at the site. Here Read More

Oregon District – more feeble thinking

Oregon District – OHDS Board Position Regarding Saturation The meeting went for 3 hours- and nothing was accomplished. If a vote had been taken- the people in favor of holding the license numbers to 17 would have been outnumbered- probably 4-1. The scary thing was- no one was willing to discuss alternatives or implications- that Read More

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