February 2006

Don’t tell me Ohio is business friendly

Just after writing about Bill Rain leaving the state for greener pastures, Nicole Gianuglou called me. You don’t know Nicole, but she’s a criminal according to the Ohio State board of pharmacy. Her crime: using the word “Apothecary” as part of her business name; “Preen Apothecary.” Now, 95% of the population have no idea what Read More

The coach should be benched.

I’d heard a bit of this story before I saw it on ESPN this morning while I was at the YMCA. Jason McElwain, the autistic team manager for the Greece Athena Varsity Basketball team got to play in his first game at the end of the regular season- with 4 minutes left. The team was Read More

More on Derek Farmer in the DDN

Today almost the entire editorial spread was dedicated to the Derek Farmer speech. Both sides aired their opinions. They were both strong. None were wrong- they were opinions. This is what living in a democracy is all about- the freedom to disagree. So we have to thank Ms. Wortham for bringing Mr. Farmer in to Read More

A list of possible locals for Dayton City Manager

Joe Tuss- former economic development head for Dayton- now left hand man at the County. Steve Budd- He’s build CityWide Development up from nothing- time to test him. Paul Woodie- Former Dayton planning chief: He thinks he’s running the city now- so it’s a minor detail. David Holmes- used to run Reynolds and Reynolds. Had Read More

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