January 2006

Cincinnati mayor’s closed meetings raise concerns for newspaper

Cincinnati mayor’s closed meetings raise concerns for newspaper Cleveland Plain Dealer Mallory skirts open-door law  Cincinnati Enquirer Well, it seems that Dayton isn’t the only city where the politicians need a lesson on the Sunshine law. Although the current administration has been very good about it- secret meetings were what started the whole mask protest. Read More

Thoughts on Sinclair’s expansion into Warren County

Today’s paper talks about putting a levy on the ballot in Warren Country to build Sinclair South. The simple answer is no. Sinclair Community College is one of Dayton’s (the region) competitive advantages. The low cost, high quality education and training programs it provides are a reason to locate your business or expand in Montgomery Read More

20 years on Bonner Street

28 January 1986- while most of us were still reeling from watching the space shuttle Challenger explosion- I went to the title company and bought my first house. 20 years later- I’m still living here (a huge surprise to me- since the longest I’d ever lived in the same place was 7 years). I bought Read More

I had this dream long ago-

I remember talking to Abner Orick about trying to lure IKEA to Dayton- I thought the McCalls printing site off 35W at James H. McGee would be a great location. For IKEA- they would be an hour from Columbus and Cincinnati- and 2 hours to Indianapolis- a great market for a destination retailer. Came across Read More

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