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Crime data a la carte: and the coming apocalypse

Thanks to brilliant lifecycle planning, the Dayton Police Department is about to lose a ton of senior officers through the “DROP program” [1]– to make matters worse, we’ve also been in a hiring freeze thanks to a Department of Justice deal that’s been trying to address the whiteness of our boys and few girls in blue.

Net result: we’re going to be down to a very low number of officers on the streets [2]– at the exact time when the worst effects of the depression start occurring. With long term unemployment benefits ending, no jobs in sight, and foreclosures still happening in record numbers- we’re looking at possible rioting and a definite increase in property crimes- just so people will be able to eat.

Enter the technology solution: we’ll make the data readily available to the community so they can help us  identify the evil doers among us- primarily in Dayton:

For the first time, Dayton residents and those visiting the city will be able to use a website to find where crimes such as car break-ins, burglaries, arsons and thefts are happening.

Launched Wednesday, July 14, www.daytonohiopolice.com/crimemap [3] comes as the city is seeing a 4 percent increase in property crimes over last year.

The site is the first of its kind in Montgomery County and gives residents in the city and those in bordering communities such as Oakwood, Riverside, Kettering and Trotwood a sense of crime trends in their neighborhoods, Dayton police Chief Richard Biehl said.

“We want to engage the public and empower people to be an active partner with us,” Biehl said. “Citizens are much more likely to be victims of property crimes versus violent crime and with a good partnership with the community, they can be prevented.”

The purpose of the site is to make property owners more alert and avoid high-crime areas, which will lead to fewer crimes. Biehl said the site will help supplement his shrinking force to police the city.

via Search for crimes in your neighborhood on new city site [4].

The data is rudimentary, and missing some info- a break-in on July 5 on my street wasn’t reported. And while it may be great for junior detectives, it’s also another tool that Realtors can use to redline neighborhoods: “But, have you seen the crime stats in the Hillcrest neighborhood, you’d be much better in Old North Dayton.” Not exactly what we need, considering property values are still dropping like a rock in Dayton (a friend just bought a house in St. Annes Historic District for $13,000 with a three car carage, 2 story, three bedroom- that’s less than I paid for my house in 1986).

The United States is already locking more people up per capita than any country in the world [5]. The problems are systemic and aren’t going away. Our failed “war on drugs” has been a major contributor to our prison system- while our war on the working class has not (when was the last time you saw a CEO go to jail for ruining his company, firing people, off shoring jobs while stealing the value from the shareholders?)

We’ve created a whole sub-workforce of prison tainted social capital that is being excluded by our mainstream economy, which has created a sub-economy that doesn’t play by the same rules the rest of us. This is not a model of sustainable practices.

Until we value our citizens, our citizens will have little of value left. We can map the bad guys to our hearts content- but when the “bad guys” hit critical mass, there will be no turning back. Our Rome is falling, we just refuse to look at the data and realize that it’s not a micro problem- it’s the elephant in the living room that we can’t deal with.

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Ice Bandit

(Dayton is) also been in a (police) hiring freeze thanks to a Department of Justice deal that’s been trying to address the whiteness of our boys and few girls in blue…we’re looking at possible rioting and a definite increase in property crimes- just so people will be able to eat. (David Esrati)
Yessir David, there has apparently been what the social scientists call a paradigm shift. For recently, when a Dayton area blogger had his car broken into, he contended the motive was the procuring of drugs and now this same blogmeister contends that similar lawlessness will be to procure food. Well, David, perhaps these starving and rioting minions haven’t heard of food stamps, charity food banks and the two dozen or so churches that prepare hot meals for anyone, no questions asked, on a daily basis. And there are those who, no matter how bare the pantry is, would never even think of breaking the law. But apparently, the all-knowing state thinks it more important that cops be a particular ethnicity than to protect it’s citizenry with the best qualified regardless of color. So in other words, black cops or no cops. Now some libertarian minded folks might contend that such a policy is clearly racist and an voluntary abrogation of the government’s primary role of protecting its’ citizens. And that fact, in their minds, is a better reason to riot than some imaginary lack of food……

Civil Servants Are People, Too

@ “a break-in on July 5 on my street wasn’t reported.”

Do you mean the citizen failed to report it to the Police, or the Police failed to report it on the website?    I know a lot of people don’t bother to report crimes when there is no obvious suspect.
I think the system is a good idea.   What will it take to get the suburbs on board?

Ice Bandit

I’m sure (Ice Bandit is) one sitting on a stockpile of ammunition and have an auto-sear for that “carbine” (David Esrati)
Nothing puts a smile on the Old Bandito’s face faster than the ubiquitous, banjo-driven invite to “call a buddy, bring a friend” to Hara Arena six times a year. And though President Obama’s fiscal policies have guys like David Esrati doing really convincing BB King blues imitations, hombres like Bill Goodman and his band of traveling arms dealers are belting out joyous show tunes that would make Nathan Lane envious. For thanks to his rep as an advocate of gun confiscation, the Great Helmsman’s presidency has triggered a crazy demand for arms and ammo that has jacked up the prices with no end in (gun)sight. So just as a tour of Pete Rose’s home might reveal a baseball bat, it is no surprise that the abode of a Second Amendment absolutist might contain a stockpile of ammo. Only problem being, maintaining that bounty of bullets is a lot more expensive than it would be had John McCain taken the office oath. And when it comes to weapons, dear David, it is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. But the question to you, dear David, is why isn’t the Old Bandito seeing you at gun shows? Faithful readers of your blog know you are now responsible for the safety of your sweetie and her kids. Devoted followers have also followed your adventures with dysfunctional and criminal neighbors, and well as felonious passers by. And Daytonians also know South Park is a neighborhood where nurses can’t walk to their cars without the danger of having their throats slit…..

Ice Bandit

@Bandito- please get your facts straight- the nurse wasn’t in South Park- she was at the Fairgrounds- quite a ways over. (David Esrati)

3k – 1 sec @ 56k

Well David, perhaps in your defense attorney like zeal to defend your neighborhood, it is you that is factually incorrect. According to the map provided by www.historicsouthpark.org, the  western boundary of South Park is not Brown or Warren Streets, but the terminus of Wyoming, Magnolia (the old east entrance to MVH) and East Apple Streets at or near South Main Street. And according to the DDN articles by Lou Grieco, nurse Mary Beth Bozarth was attacked by convicted sex offender James Cundiff at the intersection of Main and Apple. Perhaps you, dear David, are mistaking this attack with Cundiff’s attack on Shannon George, which occurred at or near the Fairgrounds, or the fact that Cundiff was arrested at the hobo jungle on the west side of the Fairgrounds. Or, dear David, even if you don’t agree with the map’s definition of South Park, the Fairgrounds hardly qualifies as “quite a ways over.” Unless, of course, you are talking about the Preble County Fairgrounds…..


Ice Bandit

Hey David, perhaps you can do the Old Bandito a favor? Since you’ve added the ability to manipulate borders and boundaries to your list of super-powers, could you please move Windsor, Ontario over to Michigan?  It’s like the Old Bandito’s second home town, and am reluctant to get a passport to cross the Ambassador Bridge to visit old homies…….