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Crazy economic development idea?

One of the advantages of being written off as nuts, is the ability to say what you think and let history sort out the diagnosis.

Try protesting with a mask at a Dayton City Commission meeting sometime- just make sure you have better PR abilities than the City (and if the web had the reach then, that it has now, I think things would have been quite different).

So- how many of you have heard of a HUB Zone? If you live in large parts of Dayton- you live in one. It’s a federal designation for a “Historically Underutilized Business Zone” and its residents are qualified to apply for Federal Contracts that are in set-aside programs. Read more here: sba.gov/hubzone [1]

The areas have already been defined- so how do we encourage development in them?

Let the H-1b tech visas [2] be unlimited for companies that open offices and have their employees live in the zone- for a minimum of 10 years. Yes, you can come to our country and ply your mad programming skills- only you have to live and work in places like South Park, Wright Dunbar etc. This is a quick way to get investment and highly educated talent to locate into areas that have been economically screwed in the past.

Of course, it also opens the flood gates to those scary people who don’t look or talk like us- just like my parents, many peoples grand or great parents- etc. As a nation of immigrants-  it’s time we rightfully regained that stature- and if it takes robbing Indian, China, Russia and Iraq of their best and brightest minds- so be it. It’s a global economy- get used to it.

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Great entry, David. Your first line is terrific. I love it !


I grew up in the dayton area went to huffman school years ago but I won’t want to live there now to much violence . God has gone out of our schools and out of our cities what made our country great was our heritage of a belief in God .
To many people have gotten away from that we need churches like we had in town when I was a child . One of them actually gave away popcycles to get kids to attend church you get kids to church you may get parents to church . You get people thinking about hwo they can change the community for the better. Maybe we will be able to change th3e community for the better we have had a alot of anti violences seminars in dayton.
Our government has encouraged other religions and discouraged christianity