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Congressman Moocher. Warren Davidson. OH-8

Congressman Warren "Moocher" Davidson, [R] OH-8 [1]U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson hasn’t been in office for more than 3 months, and he started out with a great idea to help get the VA on track- force Congress to “eat their own dog food” by moving their care to the VA.

I’d love to see Congressman Turner and Davidson at the Dayton VA for something other than cutting a ribbon or talking about how they help veterans, like waiting for an appointment for a proctologist or a psychiatrist, because the VA can’t hire enough of them. Davidson, a former Army Ranger, is eligible for care there.

I’ve received all of my health care from the VA since 2001 or so. For the most part, it has been absolutely exemplary. They also took care of my father, and he thought the same thing. But, now I have to ask, was he the moocher, or am I? Both of us qualified as Service Disabled Veterans. Or is it my employees Dad, a Vietnam Veteran who has a 100% disability? Is he a moocher?

Of course, Davidson’s first mistake is thinking that Congress actually gets things done. When it comes to work ethic, integrity, and return on investment, the American tax payer is paying a lot of money to windbags who can’t do their jobs- like appoint a 9th Supreme Court Justice.

In today’s Dayton Daily news, Davidson just tried to redefine a legal description of what a veteran is. This bothers me no end, because I just had to battle the VA and their SSVF (Supportive Services for Veterans Families) program about the qualifications of a veteran to be eligible for services. It’s actually spelled out in law [2], one Davidson is sworn to uphold. Yet now, Davidson says the problems at the VA are caused by “moochers”

U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson told a room full of veterans that one way to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care system is to get the “moochers” out of it.

The Troy Republican spoke with the Concerned Veterans for America at a town hall event Monday evening in West Chester Twp.

“Just like work comp out here’s got moochers, I wish that there were no vets that were the same sort of problem on our society,” said Davidson. “But part of the problem is there are some vets that are moochers and they’re clogging up the system. And we do as taxpayers want to make sure the VA filters out these folks that are pretenders. Just like we wish there were no people out there with stolen valor, but that’s a problem in the vet community too.”

Source: From the Dayton Daily News, 9/21/2016: Davidson to vets: Get ‘moochers’ out of VA [3]

Getting a VA ID card isn’t exactly easy. It requires a DD-214. That comes with completion of at least 180 days in the service. In case Congressman Davidson forgot, since he’s a veteran too, that usually includes basic training, advanced individual training and having the potential of being sent places where people can shoot you.

Ah, but, what is a moocher?

noun: moocher

North American
a beggar or scrounger.
“the mooch who got everything from his dad”
synonyms: beggar; informal, bum, scrounger, sponger, cadger, freeloader, moocher
“she is such a mooch”

I thought I’d look up Congressman Davidson on the moocher index, conveniently provided by the Federal Elections Commission.

Address: 1385 STONYCREEK RD. BOX 4, TROY, OH 45373
Treasurer Name: DETRICK, ALISSA
Type: H – HOUSE

Itemized Individual Contributions $402,283
Unitemized Individual Contributions $71,090
Total Individual Contributions $473,373
Party Committees Contributions $0
Other Committees Contributions $107,495
Candidate Contributions $9,461
Transfers from Authorized Committees $0
Candidate Loans $250,000
Other Loans $0
TOTAL LOANS $250,000
Offsets to Operating Expenditures $0
Other Receipts $0

If I read this correctly, Mr. Davidson spent $250,000 of his own money, and mooched $590,329 from others, to get a job that pays about $178K a year. It comes with comprehensive health care coverage, retirement, an annual payroll in the millions, to hand out to friends, family, and donors. And, as we can see from the person he replaced, John Boehner, a guarantee of fat paychecks [4] after you “resign” from the job- midway through, so Warren could take over in an easier election.

I’d like to give Davidson a chance to apologize for his mis-characterization of veterans seeking care from the VA. That care was part of a contract those veterans made with the people of the United States.

If we use Davidson’s reasoning that “moochers” are the cause of all the problems at the VA, our country has an even bigger problem,  because using the definition of moocher, every single congressman qualifies as one, or am I missing something Congressman “Moocher” Davidson?


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Another disgusting POS on taxpayers payroll. By my criteria, he is a Moocher. Dirty SOB even suggesting such a pejorative for our Veterans, all heroes and all honored.


Mismark, I respectfully disagree. Just because someone served in our military doesn’t make them a saint. There are liars and cheats in every walk of life. Some people will game the system given the chance, and that’s a sorry fact.

An elected official’s first duty to the citizens who elected him is to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. Weeding out crooks is always a good idea, be they veteran or not.


You are entitled to your opinion. However, have you ever been inside a VA hospital and taken care of veteran patients, listened to their stories, learn why they are there. I stand by my original statement. Don’t Davidson them. We are all here now because of their (and the ones that did not make it home) sacrifices. I will walk through a fire for any of them and then bitch like hell because I did not do enough.

I'm with Hillary

All Republicans think everyone else is a moocher, be it someone with a student loan, someone needing VA care, welfare, or rehab from incarceration.  They have no morals and hate everyone who isn’t white and Christian.  Trump is the ultimate Repub fantasy.

Jeff Wellbaum

I’m with Hillary-you should not stereotype all Republicans. In all parties there are various viewpoints and beliefs. You cannot put everyone into the same basket no matter what party they belong to. Just a reminder the Democrats were against a lot of civil rights legislation in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Dave C.

The vast majority of individuals that are hospitalized (VA or other) or receiving outpatient medical care would much rather be healthy and not require any medical care at all. To call sick people (veterans or others) moochers is unseemly and insulting. Attacking those that are struggling with illness and suffering is offensive. It’s a good example of bullying.

This guy needs to apologize, then stop talking in public for a good long while. Mr. Davidson is attempting to advance his own political career by attacking those that have a compromised ability to fight back.

I believe this makes Mr. Davidson, in current vernacular, a “[email protected] B!TCH” unworthy of public office.