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Cliburn Manor comes down- McLin wants a “Senior Getto” in it’s place

You could tell who Karin Manovich voted for in the last Mayoral election when she took the podium after Mayor McLin got done with her address to the group of dignitaries and muckity-mucks at the tear down ceremony.

McLin had suggested to Dick Fergeson from University of Dayton that they try to build a “senior ghetto” for UD alumni to come back to for retirement- because “they are doing it in other cities.”

Of course, UD already has plans for this on some of the 25 acres they already have to fill by the river.

Manovich was supportive of the idea, but couldn’t believe that McLin had used the words “ghetto” and “South Park” in the same sentence. Just another reason McLin doesn’t come off as a credible leader- choice of words can be everything.

The bigger question is what do Miami Valley Hospital and CityWide Development have in the planning stages- since they supposedly have purchased the land for $1.6 million (unconfirmed).

As we all walked to watch the ceremonial tear down of the first building- I was looking in windows and seeing refrigerators- and aluminum downspouts, screen doors, etc all there- ripe for the recycling, and wondering why DMHA hadn’t scrapped them before the demo. With the price of copper, aluminum and refrigerators etc pretty high, this seemed like another hopelessly wasteful move by an inept government agency.

And- of course, Congressman Mike Turner was there to take some credit for this demolition- to which McLin sniped “it took two Mayors to get this done.”

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Karin Manovich

HELLO, everyone in Dayton knows who I voted for in the last Mayoral election—I was the campaign manager for Rhine McLin’s opponent! My ghetto comment today was meant as nothing more that a joke, and not at stab at McLin. She, her fellow commissioners, and City staff have been extremely supportive of South Park in recent years and I am grateful for that. The real story today is that Cliburn Manor is coming down after ten years of effort by many to make it happen. Period.


Now if South Park could just get that crummy nursing-home kinda thing at 322 Park moved… no offense to those folks, but that place kinda mucks up that grand entryway…


David, saw on the TV that Turner was out there grandstanding like the pompous ass he always is and all I could say was, “Where is Esrati to give him proper hell?” =)


Turner is suprisingly vain. I’ve heard stories from people who have personal knowlege of this, and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it from them.