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Campaign funds: it’s time to end the party.

For all the rules and regulation the Federal Election Commission has on reporting on who gave money, maybe what we need to do is severely limit access to it once it’s collected. It seems, the money politicians collect to use to get elected- has become nothing but a slush fund to play with in addition to their salary and perks as politicians. This report on Marc Dann’s expenses is case in point:

In his last few weeks as attorney general and even after he resigned under pressure, Democrat Marc Dann spent more than $120,000 out of his campaign fund on lawyers, political consultants and new Apple computers, according to the latest campaign finance report filed this week.

Dann used the campaign fund to pay $13,680 to an Austin, Texas-based political consultant hired in April to strike back at Dann’s critics. Dann for Ohio paid $3,100 to The Campaign Group, political consultants in Philadelphia.

The day he resigned, May 14, the campaign shelled out $50,000 in legal fees to M&R Land Co., which is an aviation company owned by Dann’s friend Mike Harshman, who is a pilot and an attorney.

Two days later, Dann for Ohio paid a $10,000 retainer to Neal & Harwell, a civil and criminal defense law firm in Nashville, Tenn.

Dann said via e-mail that the expenditures are allowed under Ohio law.

According to his mid-year campaign finance report, Dann spent $233,567 out of the account since Jan. 1 — $120,325 of that since May 1.

In waning days, Dann spent over $120,000 from his campaign fund [1]

Of course, big media will never call for limits on campaign spending, because for the most part- they profit from running the dreck that we let pass for “Campaigning.”

I don’t think anything more important than what you clean your toilet with- should be decided by a :30 second TV spot, and I’m in advertising.

At minimum, we should consider only allowing access to the campaign funds within one year of an election, and only with campaign committee approval- and only for legitimate campaigning expenses.

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