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Board of Elections is getting their dirty laundry aired

Today, esrati.com got an envelope with a 2-page letter from the “Concerned Election Workers of Montgomery County Ohio” with 6 pages of supporting documentation and one page explaining how to read it- of how the Directors of the Montgomery County Board of Elections covered up a mistake with provisional ballots in the November 7, 2006 General Election.

Over 600 provisional voters weren’t handed both pages of a 2 page ballot.

It was covered up. As have been many other problems- which I expect to continue to come out, depending on the actions of the sheriff’s department in investigating.

I’ve scanned the letter and the documentation into a PDF- and uploaded it for all to see.

Montgomery County Board of Elections, 2006 General Election flub [1]

There have been many comments from inside the BOE and from former workers on this site, pointing to problems at the Board of Elections. Please note, that this important role of government is oddly outside the purview of the voters of Montgomery County. The entire office is appointed by the two controlling political parties, rewarding the party faithful with patronage jobs.

All employees get a bonus each year. The Republicans get theirs in December, the Dems get it before their annual “Frolic for funds” with the assumption that you buy at least one ticket for every $10k in annual salary (tickets are $125 ea).

All jobs are duplicated, and the “Board Members” get paid between $18K and $20K per year for a couple of meetings a month.

If there is a greater cesspool on the public payroll, I don’t know what it is.

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Butler TWP Repub

I work at the BOE and this did happen but this is the tip of the iceberg. Theft and deception are common place at the BOE. Falsifying documents and petitions is almost a every election occurrence at this place. The Director and Deputy Director are two of the most dis honest people I have ever been associated with. Using county property and using county funds for trips with family members happens multiple times a year. Drugs and wild parties in Columbus happen yearly. Harsman favorite quote is “What happens in Columbus, stays in Columbus”. When I first started there only 2 or 4 people would go to conference, now the whole damm office goes with family members! Harsman and Smith take trips that are unnecessary and play golf and take their kids and spouse. This has been told to numerous current and former board members with no avail. Jon Huested, when will you clean house?


I wonder what will be leaked next?  The political party chairs and board members better get on this one in a hurry.

Butler TWP Repub

My guess Judith they are in on it too!

Butler TWP Repub

Bye-Bye Steve and Betty, the county will save a quarter of a million a year getting rid of these two. Shame on you Ganatt and Owens for letting this continue. Maybe John is right?

Butler TWP Repub

Bye-Bye Steve and Betty, the county will save a quarter of a million a year getting rid of these two. Shame on you Ganatt and Owens for letting this continue. Maybe John is right?


Well hopefully this document will force the political parties to finally take out the directorship trash that has ruined this office.  The average employee at McDonalds is more capable and professional than these two $125k a year clowns.  Betty Smith and Steve Harsman make Linda and Frieda look like award winning government employees.  The employees at the board of elections have been abused by these two incompetent bullies long enough.

I want to thank the staff that had the courage to provide the concerned election workers with the exposed document.  I believe these two dishonest directors duped the board members for many years until now.  It’s time for the board members to do their job.  


Sic Mr. Mat Heck on them …

Donald Phillips

These irregularities at the Board of Elections must be the reason why Mr. Esrati loses every election by a landslide–provided he isn’t passed over in favor of a tycho  a la the last nomination cycle.

What else could it be?