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Art Scene Alert: Von Glitschka coming to SAA to talk about making illustrative design

There’s a new group of young hip creatives in town- and they aren’t supported by tax dollars or grants or involved with Richard Florida-

Illustration examples by Von GlitschkaIt’s the Dayton Creative Syndicate- the youth movement of the Dayton Ad Club (now unfortunately known as the Greater Dayton Advertising Association) and they are bringing in a hipster illustrator to do a dog and pony show about his work and process.

About Von Glitschka

Von has worked in the communication arts industry for 22 years. He now refers to himself as an “Illustrative Designer.” In 2002, he started Glitschka Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative firm

Dayton Creative Syndicate » Blog Archive » Illustrative Design presented by Von Glitschka [1].

If any of you don’t think an illustrator can make a difference, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the work of another hipster illustrator Shepard Fairey and his work on the Obama campaign [2].

DCS has all the details of the event this Tuesday, Nov 11 at 6pm on the link above. Cost is $10 for most of you or $5 for students or members.

I’ll be there. Will you?

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I plan to be there!
I’m a fan of the wonderful collective of artists in the creative syndicate. Most of them are employed by a very hip firm here in town, “Real Art Design Group.”
Find out more at http://www.realartusa.com
They are the StrawberryFrog of Dayton!
I’m excited to watch how they will transform the new building they are moving into downtown. (facing north, in front of the Fire Fly Lofts, near Webster Station)
I like it that these ubercreatives are just fine doing what they do and not bringing a lot of attention to themselves. They spend their energy having fun and doing what they love.

We have amazing artists in this town most of which we will never hear about.
Kyle Hotz, artist for Marvel Comics -lives quietly in Kettering. (hanging upside down in his basement and wearing black.)
Jason Goad “Goad”, is regularly commisioned by MTV and bands such as Offspring, The Killers, Gorillaz, Chris Isaak and did the art work for The Warped Tour.
He is 34 years old and is a contracted designer of Hot Wheels for Mattel. He
lives in Centerville, visit’s his family in Farmersville like a good boy and can be seen at most C2 functions. He currently has an ongoing exhibit at the Dayton Mall location of Winan’s Fine Chocolates and Coffee. (go there and buy a print)
Like the “Real Art Design” folks, most of our best talent exists quietly in lofts and house shows across the city, not in the spotlight of DVAC or The Cannery.

If you would like to know more about the effect of design on humans and happiness, watch this video by Stefan Sagmeister:

Bruce Kettelle

David, I think you mean “no-bid” not no-big.


There is another comic artist living here who’s work appeared in one of those comics anthologies. Don’t recall the name.


Someone from that “Dayton Creative Syndicate” left a comment on this event on my blog, which was unexpected as I don’t blog on graphic design.

greg hunter

I met this graphic designer for a skateboard company and artist while canvassing for O in Kettering. International reputation – Check out http://www.elephont.com


Man, I just know I’ve seen this guys work before. I think he is published in one of those little outisder art/street culture magazies.

Bruce Kettelle

Here is another list of local designer/illustrators from this web site http://www.freelancedesigners.com/dir/graphicdesign/OH_dayton.html It looks like there are more out here than meets the eye. PD Design & Consulting Dayton,OH Member Profile “Build Your Business Into An Icon” – I also offer logo design, package design, PC/Mac troubleshooting, and one-on-one tutorial services in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4906&l=48d1f&id=655534912 Murlin Graphics Dayton,OH Member Profile Web design, Newspaper/Magazine Advertising Banners-posters-flyers-postcards Brochures Business Cards Logo Design Trade show collateral Newsletters E-Newsletters Internet Ads Advertising design and more New Reality Graphics Dayton,OH Member Profile Freelance graphic design specializing in logos, branding, image manipulation/restoration and web design. Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML and CSS Gem City Graphics Dayton,OH Member Profile Graphic Design Service Serving the Miami Valley and beyond. Service Include: Graphic Design, Logos, Company Image, Web Design, Signs and Banners, Vehicle Lettering, Advertising Signs and Publications and much more! http://www.gemcitygraphics.com Sam Greene, 6644 Graphics Dayton,OH Member Profile Graphic design, print design, photography, and more! Honest and personable, no gimmicks here, just fast, reliable, professional, and cost effective design work for great rates. Always willing to work with people to make sure everyone is happy. Design by Deena dayton,OH Member Profile Design by Deena, in Dayton Ohio, offering graphic design and website development for all your marketing and presentation needs. Tim Miller Dayton,OH Member Profile I offer professional, affordable and completely original web and print designs. Whether you need a web presence,logo, banner ad or digital images for printing, I have a solution that meets your needs. http://mydayads.com/ Dayton,OH Member Profile Post ads at a great price on MyDayAds.com. Get deals on the latest in ad design. Aibrean’s Studio Dayton,OH Member Profile I offer complete identity creation, web design, graphic design, copy writing, voice overs, and digital illustration, whether it`s for a business, or personal use. I specialize in logo design, cd packaging, print, and design for web in flash and HTML. Cecilia Brendel Dayton,OH Member Profile Textbook & book illustrating, book cover designs, home portrait painting in Thomas Kinkade manner family or pet portraits in Renoir manner, Modigliani and many others. Logo designs, brochures.… Read more »

Dr. Stewart

I’m impressed. I gotta say that robot is the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.