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Another gastronomical find: fresh ginger ale at Coco’s

Yesterday, it was the deep-fried pretzel from Hearts Hot Dogs on Courthouse Square. Today- it was fresh ginger ale at Coco’s [1].

Ginger ale is the oldest soft drink in the United States- and used to be touted to heal what ails you. I first experienced it when I had my tonsils out- and didn’t particularly love it then (age 6). I’ve found a new love of ginger- of the pickled variety- when it comes with sushi. I also love Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Ginger snaps, but, that’s the extent of my ginger love. Until lunch today, when Karen Wick-Gagnet, asked me to try their new fresh ginger ale. Instant love.

It’s not on the menu yet- you have to ask for it. $3 a glass, no refills. But, my oh my- worth it. They are also making a Ginger Mojito for $8 for those of you who partake. Yes, Coco’s is a client (and I support my clients) – but my reputation as a food critic is on the line here, so I wouldn’t steer you wrong- go try one. You’ll love it.

Go ask your server for one- tell them Esrati sent you.

Coco’s is at 515 Wayne Ave, Dayton OH 45410 in the Historic Oregon District. Phone is 937-228-COCO (2626) Open Mon- Friday lunch and dinner- Saturday- dinner only.

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