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How to build a Kroger on Wayne Avenue- without a fuss

In high-rent districts, grocers find a way to shoe horn a store in at any cost. When it’s not a high-rent district, they scream poverty and ask for city support. What kind of Kroger store could be built- on the current site? Huge, when you build the store at grade and put the parking on Read More

Ecki Building remains

Freddy Kroger leaves Dayton- takes a classic building with him

Freddy Kroger is gone- the Kroger store on Wayne Avenue, long known by a whole list of aliases- because of its disgusting appearance- is no more. Now, we’re greeted with clean floors, a well lighted store with clean ceilings, new colorful graphics around the perimeter and shelving that seems a bit more modern. The deli/bakery Read More

Lots optioned, nothing gained: the Wayne Ave Kroger Debacle

December 31, 2009, came and went. We were all so busy wondering what the new mayor would bring, that we just forgot about a couple of million tax dollars that were spent for nothing. Yep- in the grand design of government as a developer, the City of Dayton made a whole bunch of bad bets Read More

Wayne and Wyoming: Limboland

The ongoing saga of the corner of Wayne and Wyoming added a new chapter last Thursday night as Shelly Dickstein of the City of Dayton Department of Economic development made a presentation at Ruskin school. About 100 people filled the room, the news crews were there, and as almost always- there was Pizza Factory pizza. Read More

New plans to be unveiled for Wayne & Wyoming

Got this message about the new plans for the project formerly known as the new Wayne Avenue Kroger store. The City of Dayton Office of Economic Development 101 W. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402 NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Wayne & Wyoming Project The Dayton community and interested stakeholders are invited to attend a public meeting Read More

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