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Saint David Lawrence

The headline is in jest. There are few subjects that I’ve written about that have generated so many comments full of vitriol and hate. Polarized audiences are nothing new to me. But some of the comments made on the most recent posts about my friend David Lawrence who also happens to be the “Chief of Read More

Pay for performance in public ed is here- for education mercenaries

Much is being debated about the metrics for “pay for performance” in public education. How much of the weight should be given to classroom evaluation and skills vs. performance of students. But there is a new brand of education professional these days- the “education mercenary” – who promises to do a turnaround and may or Read More

Endorsements to consider

I never liked the Dayton Daily News endorsing candidates when I was a candidate. The questions were weak, the answers weaker and the “basis” for their endorsement often was how much money the candidate had raised and who had  already endorsed them. Now that the Dayton Daily no longer gives endorsements, the dummy voter slate Read More