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10 years without answers: SGM North Woodall

I try to remember to do this every year on July 29th. Sometimes I’m a day early- sometimes a little late. Today I’m early. SGM North Woodall, a warrior, a veteran of three wars, was killed in his home in Dayton and no one has been prosecuted for his murder. There are no excuses for Read More

I will not forget SGM North E. Woodall. 4 years unsolved murder

July 29 came and passed this year- and I forgot to write a post. This is to make up for it. SGM Woodall was murdered in the city of Dayton. The 2009 front page story from the Dayton Daily News still hangs right behind my monitor, over my desk. Headline, “Veteran of 3 wars, dies Read More

Sgt. Major North Woodall wants the police to do their job

July 27, 2009 seems like forever ago. It’s when an 85 year old veteran of three wars was found dead in his West side home in Dayton Ohio. Sgt. Major North Woodall had survived WWII, Korea and Vietnam, but at 85, was killed by…. We still don’t know. I write a post about this every Read More

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