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Liquor permit foolishness continues in Oregon District

The Oregon Historic District Society fought the liquor license for Pacchia too, and the license to “What you eat” the little vegetarian restaurant that was to serve vegan and macrobiotic wine, and Thai 9 (update- the neighborhood approved this one- yet cost the owners an extra $40K for the permit) and Wileys and the 5th Read More

The “One Stop Shop” for Dayton business permits: Emphasis on “STOP”

While Dayton is hemorrhaging jobs and residents, with a glut of vacant business space on the market, you would think anyone wanting to open a new business would be welcomed with open arms. Not. But, in Kettering, once known as a business unfriendly community- the red carpet is being rolled out (guess competition from the Read More

The Oregon District might finally fill up

The most important piece of economic development news in years: Fifth Street Deli may get permit after all On Friday, the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control overruled the city’s objection and ordered the application process to continue. … The ruling states that the city commission failed to show evidence that the applicant Read More

The Oregon District liquor battle continues….

Community forum: Tuesday, April 11, 7 to 8 pm Park Manor Community Room (Park Manor is the tall senior housing just S. of the Urban Krag) Guest speaker attorney Steve Milby, former director of Dayton’s City Law Department, will discuss liquor permits in the Oregon District. Learn about the history and rationale for the OHDS Read More

On limiting liquor licenses in the Oregon District

This will piss off about 100 people- and that’s perfectly OK- the rest of us can see the big picture. The Dayton Business Journal Mar 10, 2006 cover headline “Battle brewing over Oregon District liquor permit” is history repeating itself. It’s time to stop this stupidity once and for all. Brief history: The “Oregon District“ Read More

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