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Mike Turner, Hypocrite

It wasn’t a problem when Mike Turner’s wife got a no-bid contract from the Dayton Development Coalition to give us the wildly expensive and horribly flawed “Get Midwest” campaign. It also wasn’t a problem that his wife did work under a GSA schedule for the US Army Corps of Engineers while he sat on the Read More

Dayton Development Coalition grants another no-bid to Real Art

The Dayton Development Coalition is about to launch a new website. That’s good, because the old one was but ugly and absolutely useless without search capabilities. Apparently, the contractor is Real Art, owned in part by Bev Shillito, one of the trustees. And once again, no-bid, although I’m pretty sure the DDC can’t say that Read More

Connect the dots: Dayton Development Coalition Board- hire your own, no-bid

Well, finding the link to the DDC board took some help, and here is the link to the 2007 version: Dayton Development Coalition 2007 Board of Trustees But, I couldn’t find the 2006 trustees- so I called and didn’t get a call back. I was able to verify that the 2005 trustees had one person Read More

DDN throws softball at Turner Effect: Clients include PACs

Last night at the Greater Dayton Advertising Association Hermes awards, the proof that Lori Turner’s firm is nothing but a slush fund was sitting right in front of me, and I didn’t take a picture: Bronze in Sales Promotion Turner Effect, Advertiser // Home Depot PAC, Title // Home Depot PAC Communications Kit Here it Read More

Is Turner Effect a slush fund for Mike Turner supporters?

Well, Tom Beyerlein of the Dayton Daily News called me today and asked some questions about the less than fabulous and über expensive “Get Midwest”/ “Be Midwest” campaign that you’ve read about here, on Dayton Most Metro on DaytonOS and even on the Dayton Daily News site. What you’ll find out on Sunday when they Read More

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