68 voters are liars, cheats, or victims of a system to keep candidates off the ballot

It’s taken the corrupt Montgomery County Board of Elections an entire week to figure out a way to invalidate 68 of my 550 signatures I turned in last Friday at 4pm. They won’t tell me if Jo Love’s signatures were good. But, the other 5 candidates, the two Dem party based incumbents, and 3 of the challengers: Valerie Duncan, Jordan Wortham and Marcus Bedinger.

If they’d told me this before 4pm on Friday, I could have picked up the petitions and put together the affidavits for the voters to resign, that said, yes, that was their intention when they signed/printed their name on the flawed petitions. Last time I was 11 short, turned in 15 notarized affidavits and they had the nerve to reject one of them.

This is an exercise in power. When you can put your brother in a position as the deputy director of the Board of (S)Elections for your race as one of the incumbents did, it makes it a little easier to play games.

Before these political patronage folks were afraid of me, I randomly gathered signatures and turned in 503 and 506 and got on the ballot back in 1993. Now, I ask for voters by name to sign, right off the voter rolls. That there is a 13% failure rate is more about them than me.

Monday morning I will go in and get copies of the petitions with the markup. Then I will make affidavits for each voter to sign, and then go to the voters with a notary and correct this issue.

Then we can get started on the campaign.

To those who say “you should have just got more signatures”- let me point out that people don’t love politicians knocking on their doors after dark in the winter months to get signatures. And candidates don’t like to freeze their butts off either doing this.

And last but not least, it only takes 50 signatures to run for Congress. Why does it take 500 to run for Dayton City Commission?

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