PechaKucha 20×20 – Dayton – Vol. 22 – Rambunctious!

Dayton Oh Pecha Kucha 22 poster by Andrew Dailey

Click on image to download full size, 11×17 pdf

If you live in Dayton and say there is nothing to do- it’s on you.
Here’s a cheap date night event that will probably overdeliver on entertainment value- based on the speakers.

Of course when an event is free (donations really keep this going)- and only held 4x a year- you should be out of excuses to attend. PK is held in over 800 cities all over the world.

I’ve told you about PK nights before- and this is no different. 20 slides, 20 seconds each- any subject. Tomorrow night- I’m in the line-up with “How to piss people off”- a subject I’m told I’m eminently qualified to speak about.

Also- my friend Bryan Suddith is sharing “Confessions of an Uber Driver.”

Connie Post who is second in command of the Dayton Daily news editorial page (yes the lower case “d” is always intentional here) and one of the best photographers I know is presenting “Designing a Positive and Blissfully Rambunctious Community Outlook” (which takes almost 20 seconds to say.)

Shelly “Glad Girl” Hulce- is presenting. She used to work for Mayor Leitzell and is well known in local music circles.

Omar Peters who is the “official face” of Dayton’s new bike share and a planner with MVRPC is presenting.

Riley Driver, the king of the Dayton Chess Club will pwn us all with his deck.

Cassie Guard is doing “Teach Her to Twirl Her Tassels and Watch Her Conquer the World!” and I’m sure there will be others just as fascinating.

Wright-Dunbar Conference Center
1100 W. 3rd St.
Dayton OH 45402

March 19, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Free, donations

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PechaKucha tonight!

Pecha Kucha pronounced various ways- to keep yourself out of trouble “PK Night” is fine, comes to South Park tonight.
It’s FREE! and fun.

To answer the pronunciation question, it literally means “chit chat” in Japanese, I used to turn to the world-renowned experts on pronunciation from Sesame Street with this fun video:

But there is another video that claims this is wrong- I skipped the beginning – where he nails the video above- and says it’s PE-CHA KUCH HA. All evenly accented.

Here is from the PK official site-

PK Dayton stays home. We’ve got one more volume before the year is out, and we’re holding it at our place, Historic South Park. That’s where Matt, Shayna and Jill live.

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 7:30pm relax with us between the parties, hangovers, cracked nuts, shopping frenzies and general holi-daze. And yes, you are welcome to lounge in your silk jammies, like this South Park Lady.

Volume 21 has 8 great 20×20 visions–imaginative artists, provocative thinkers, inspiring outsiders and creative stuff that’s impossible to categorize. We’ll be at Hope Lutheran Church, 500 Hickory St., Dayton. (Careful not to spill beer in the sanctuary). Enter at Hickory & Perrine–park east of the church or in the Emerson Academy lots on Hickory.

Special beer break treat! Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory is bringing us a tasting of their specialty pies. You will love!

Thank you to PKDayton Vol 21 sponsors Dragonfly Editorial and Pizza Factory.

via PechaKucha 20×20 – Dayton – Vol. 21 – We Entertain at Home!.

Donations accepted- and food items are being collected as well.

So far- the only announced speakers are my neighbor Bridget Bogel who is a phenomenal artist who teaches at Sinclair, and Amelia “smart mouth” Robinson from the DDN.

Parking is available in the big lots of Emerson Academy if the church lot fills.

These are always a lot of fun- see you there tonight!

The ultimate gift for the holidays – your doppelganger!

There is a reason hasn’t been posting as often over the last month- it’s a new kiosk in the Dayton Mall, and they are my client.

On Oct. 15th, a local entrepreneur contacted my firm, The Next Wave, looking for help to open the first of its kind business in North America. The business makes scale sculptures of you- by taking thousands of photographs of you in a 12-second span. The photos are interpolated to build a 3D model, that can be printed in a 3D printer- and delivered to you in about a week.

Great idea- huge success in an ASADA store in Manchester England (ASADA is the name Walmart uses in the U.K.)- where they did gobs of them in the first month they were open. Only thing was, he was to have the machine delivered and installed on November 1st.

Photo of the booth for Doppelganger Labs

Designed and built in a week by The Next Wave for Doppelganger Labs at the Dayton Mall

Normally- naming, branding and marketing plans take months to prepare- but we worked a crazy number of hours- and “Doppelganger Laboratories” was born. Unfortunately, shipping the scanning booth took a bit longer, and while we had the booth ready to go on the 2nd, the scanner didn’t make it here until the 8th (last Saturday). The assembly took 3 people almost 2 days- and at 9 p.m. last night the first scans were completed.

Here is what a scan of Howard from the Big Bang looks like online in the preview, note, the software prefers Firefox or Chrome for the full webGL experience:

And here is Dayton’s finest miniature painter, in full reenactor garb:

The figurines are pretty cool- even though they are made of a melted plastic powder (laser-sintered polyamide to be exact) – that’s colored to match the scan. It comes out feeling like sandstone, and must be handled much like a porcelain figurine would be. Oddly, the statues aren’t waterproof- if they get wet, the colors may bleed.

The actual sculpting/printing takes around 9 hours and isn’t done locally at this point. Turnaround is about a week.

Photo of a graduate with his doppelganger

Memorialize a special event in your doppelganger

As always, people ask how much they cost, and they start at $149 for a 1:12 scale model going up to $249 for a larger 1:8 scale one. How big they are – depends on how big you are. My old friend, RIP, Dan Obravac who was a bit over 7′ would be 7″ for the “small” 1:12 scale and  10.5: for the large 1:8 scale. Vern Troyer- the original MiniMe – who tops out at 2’8″ would make a real small model of about 2.6 inches for a 1:12 scale. The prices for all the versions are here: DoppelgangerLabs shop

The first 150 people to order a Doppelganger will also get one of our cool shirts- which say “Say hello to my little friend”

What I find most interesting is the what is old is new again. Before photography, people had basically three choices to be “memorialized” for others- a drawing, painting or sculpture of themselves. The little sculptures Doppelganger Labs produces are a return of the sculpture as a way of sharing your likeness.

Some of the coolest things we’ve seen are some of the double scans- there is a large model of a guy with his girl getting a piggy-back ride that’s just awesome. Of course, the pregnant sculpture is a way forever to remember the nine-month miracle of birth and share it later with your progeny. Wedding cake toppers are also popular- although big, poofy gowns with lots of lace and super long trains aren’t the best for scanning.

A few things to avoid when heading to the Dayton Mall to get scanned:

Wear big prints or solids. It doesn’t like shiny shoes, shiny belt buckles or earrings. Glasses are a no-no. Fingers do best when held clenched or touching a flat object like the side of your leg, or crossed arms, especially on the smallest scale builds. And remember, the output is more like an artist’s rendering- not a 3d model avatar to play you in Hollywood. Check out the selection of samples at the booth.

There are photos of people holding their statues on the site- I think the ones where the people are wearing the outfit they were scanned in are the coolest. We’re encouraging people to come back in the clothes they wore to be scanned so we can take a photo with you and your Doppelganger. Happy scanning people!



Free things to do tonight- Dayton Flyers Women’s Basketball

Andrea Hoover University of Dayton Women's basketball player

Hoover drives past teammate Amber Deane in red vs. blue game

Every time I suggest that the best basketball for the money in Dayton is the UD women’s team- snickers erupt. And I’ll say it again- it’s great bball. The women’s game is a game- where you run plays, pass, find the opponents weakness- and capitalize, and for the last 12 years- Jim Jabir’s team has been doing it better than probably 97% of the rest of the country. And- tonight- the game is free. Most nights, parking is free and adult tickets are $5, kids are $3. They routinely pull about 2,500 fans- who get it. This is basketball- played with solid fundamentals by an entire team.

Here’s the deal on tonight’s game- and note- you can sit courtside for these games without signing your life away like the boys.

DAYTON, Ohio – In its only exhibition of the 2014-15 season, the University of Dayton women’s basketball team is set to play host to Eckerd College Friday night at UD Arena. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m. and admission is free. All who bring two non-perishable food items to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul will receive a $2 ticket voucher for a future women’s game. Limit one per person.

Flyer Facts

» Undefeated at home the past two seasons, Dayton’s 26-straight home victories is the second-longest active streak in the nation. The Flyers went 12-0 at home during 2013-14.

» Head coach Jim Jabir is in his 12th season at the helm of the Dayton women’s team in 2014-15. He was named the eighth head coach, and first male, in the history of the program on April 8, 2003. Jabir holds a career record of 430-356 over 28 seasons.

» Dayton has been ranked or receiving votes in at least one major poll Associated Press Top 25 or USA Today Coaches’ for 40 consecutive weeks. The Flyers open the 2014-15 season ranked No. 22 in both major polls.

» UD lost just one player to graduation, Cassie Sant. The Flyers return 2014 A-10 Player of the Year Andrea Hoover Sr., 2014 A-10 First Team and All-Academic Team selection Ally Malott Sr. and 2014 A-10 All-Rookie and All-Defensive Team honoree Celeste Edwards So..

» Dayton advanced to its fifth-consecutive NCAA Tournament in 2014 with the highest seed in program history at No. 6.» This is the Flyers’ 47th season as an intercollegiate sport at Dayton. UD’s all-time record sits at 713-546 .566.» The Flyers are 152-137 in Atlantic 10 regular season play 19 years.


Players to watch- locals Andrea Hoover and Kelley Austria are my two favorites- Hoover for her awesome bravery-  setting picks, drawing charges, and unbelievable accuracy shooting. Austria for her ability to have her body going in two different directions while slowing the opposition down to a standstill- coming back on defense, there isn’t anyone who slows things down more. She also has crazy long arms- which make her steal more balls before the other team ever knew it. One thing about Kelley- she’s got the most intense game face you’ll ever see- almost never smiles- as opposed to Hoover who is all grins and funky faces- especially after putting the smack down on the opposition.

This year, look to Jenna Burdette, the freshman from “Coolville, Ohio” (population 496) to bring excitement on the floor. Don’t let the deer in the headlights expression fool you- when she’s got the ball, she makes things happen. The other frosh, Javonna Layfield, looks like she’s been in the lineup forever- meshing like magic.

This team self-imploded in 2 big games last year, maybe getting a bit too cocky for their britches when it counted. After watching an early practice, it’s clear that they learned their lesson. Uptempo all the time- great communication on the floor and a solid foundation of trust among each other sets the foundation for a season that should give fans something to talk about for years.

I’ll be there tonight- hope to see you there.

Why Historic South Park should be in your future: reasons #2438, 2439

Poster for Historic South Park in Dayton Ohio's Shakespeare production of "The Comedy of Errors"

Historic South Park has it’s own neighborhood theater.

Do your neighbors get together and throw together a play? And not just any play- Shakespeare?

Didn’t think so. Not only that- do they invite the world to see it for FREE?

Yep- you can do that tonight, tomorrow and Sunday nights-

Show: The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare
Director: Susan Robert
Producers: Galen Wilson, Phyllis Tonne

How To Go:
Dates: Friday-Sunday, September 5, 6, 7, 2014
Time: 8:00 P.M.
Location: South Park Green, 601 Hickory Street, Dayton
Admission: Free (donations gratefully received)
Bring a lawn chair or blanket

via The Comedy of Errors | Shakespeare in South Park | Sixth Season | Sept. 5-7 – Historic South Park.

You can park in Emerson School lot, or Hope Lutheran lot- or on the street.

And if the stodgy speaking of the Bard just ain’t your thing-

Poster for the Food Truck Shindig in Dayton Ohio's fabulous Historic South Park Neighborhood

First the Bard, then the lard- gourmet chefs on the go come to South Park

Yep, we have our own food truck Shindig & Street party on Friday Sept 20th from 4-8pm. The party will be down at Burns and Nathan one block South of Coco’s. We’ll have trucks, tunes, t-shirts and more- and the event is free, even though the food isn’t.

These community initiatives are one of the reasons why South Park’s property taxes go up. Come see what the neighborhood you wished you lived in does to keep things interesting.

Check out for info on events, rentals, homes for sale and what makes South Park the best neighborhood in the State of Ohio, and a National Neighborhood of the year winner. The site, btw, is hosted pro-bono by The Next Wave, Dayton’s greatest and finest ad agency, which has its global HQ in South Park.

Note, both these fabulous posters were done by other fabulously talented South Park residents.

What to do this Friday night for basketball fans in Dayton

There are basketball fans who like to watch a great team play a great game. There are other fans, who go to  a game to be seen and socialize.
If you are the former- the best hoops to be seen in Dayton is the Lady Flyers. Coached by my friend Jim Jabir, the Lady Flyers only lost 3 seniors from last year’s squad that was virtually unstoppable.

The best part is, unlike the UD men’s team- you don’t need to sell a kidney for a good seat. $5 for adults, $3 for students and kids, general admission seating- and the parking is FREE.

The women were ranked 14th before the season began, and dropped a bit after a sloppy loss to Iowa on Sunday in overtime.
Come out and support the hottest team in town.

Game starts at 7 p.m. at UD Arena vs. Akron.

See you there!


Zoot Theatre Company, the Holocaust and my family history collided yesterday

Sometimes life has a strange way of colliding. I’ve wanted to see a Zoot Theatre Company production for a long time. A local troupe, run by a looming Englishman with a poetic kindness in his voice, they use puppets to tell the story, with the actors swathed in black from head to toe- including covering their faces (not welcome at the Dayton City Commission meetings). With moving tabletop stages, projected images, and eight puppets and a cast of twelve (many of the times it’s two to a puppet), there is a flurry of bodies moving on stage making the story come to life.

The story yesterday was “And a child shall lead” written by Michael Slade, an emotionally taxing look at the Holocaust through the eyes of children- and the coping mechanisms they created to make sense of a world that made no sense. From the Zoot site:

This is the true story of children coming of age in Terezin, the “Jewish city” established by the Nazis as a way station before the death camps. In the face of unspeakable horror, these children use their determination and creativity — playing, studying, making art, and writing an underground newspaper — all at the peril of being executed. Their actual poems and stories are woven into this fast-paced drama.
On Sunday, April 14, noted Holocaust historian and expert, Renate Frydman, Ph.D. will discuss Terezin and very personal stories passed down through her family and the horrors directly experienced by her late husband, Charles Frydman.

via And A Child Shall Lead.

Today at 2 p.m. is the last chance you will have to see this amazingly thought-provoking play. If you don’t have plans at 2 p.m., I highly recommend it. They are performing in one of Dayton’s gems- the Dayton Art Institute’s incredible auditorium, which was beautifully restored about a dozen years ago. Tickets are still available.

Clara Hirsch, Great Grandmother of David Esrati, Death Certificate, Murdered 04. 03. 1943 Terezín

Clara Hirsch, Great Grandmother of David Esrati, Death Certificate, Murdered 04. 03. 1943 Terezín

But a few hours before the show started, a piece of my ancestry rose up out of the Internet to make the viewing of this show even more personal. My father, 86, who was born in Berlin and left at age 6 in 1933 to escape Hitler, found his grandmother’s death certificate. She died in 1943 in Terezin. The Germans are meticulous in their record keeping, my father had previously found the complete inventory of several relatives’ apartments/homes being emptied, where everything was listed and valued, but he had always assumed that the final indignity of death at the hands of the Nazis wouldn’t be found. With the help of a researcher in Israel, they found the documents in the Czech Republic archives.

Sara Clara Hirsch
Born 06. 05. 1871
Murdered 1943 Terezín

It says she died of “food poisoning” which is like saying a gunshot victim died of blood loss and ignoring the bullet.

This is how humans justify doing the wrong thing and make it palatable. Words are important. Semantics matter.

Of course, some of you are figuring out for the first time, “What? Esrati is a Jew.” The last name sounds Italian, and it’s something I don’t often waste time explaining. I don’t think religion is something that needs to be discussed any more than sexual preferences, but that’s me. The spelling of my last name is unique, there are only three of us on the planet that spell it that way- my parents, and me. It was translated from Hebrew, into the English alphabet by way of German pronunciations by my grandfather. All others have spelled it “Ezratty” or “Isardi” or some sort of variation on the two. But, the name is only three generations old- My father was born “Hirsch”- and it was only once they escaped Germany and arrived in Palestine that they decided to change it to a non-German name. My father liked the name of the washer woman, and they adopted it- leaving the German behind.

And, on the death certificate, you will find another oddity of the Nazis- my great grandmother had no middle name. The Germans added the Sara as a first name for all the Jewish women and “Israel” as the men’s. Just to make sure they knew you were a Jew.

My father sent an email out to his surviving friends yesterday:

My father’s mother visited us twice in Tel Aviv when I was a kid. She insisted on going back to Germany, saying, “Who would hurt an old lady?”

She was murdered in the Theresienstadt ghetto in 1943. At first, I was told she had been purposely starved to death. Today I got the official German death certificate.

(I did not know there were such things.)

It gave the cause of death as enteritis (food poisoning).

She was born in a Dutch-speaking area of Germany, near the Rhine, and loved chocolate. I remember going on walks with her and she always bought Flake, a British chocolate that you could crumble on your bread to make a chocolate sandwich.

Seeing that death certificate, complete with signatures of several doctors, brought the Holocaust home as nothing had ever done before — and I had been in Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and the South Camp at the Ljubelj Tunnel.

Note, Theresienstadt and Terezin are the same place- “Stadt” is German for city- and the translation spelling is a matter of preference.

I remember him telling me about how she spoke a combination of Dutch and German- very guttural, and that he was always surprised at how he could understand some Dutch- even 40 years later when we were visiting Europe when I was 16. It was on that trip my parents visited the South Camp, I had no desire to walk on the grounds where evil was done and sat in the car and read. To this day, I still am deeply adverse to visiting places where man sank to the unimaginable depths of hell. Even the traveling Vietnam memorial scaled wall causes me to feel distraught. Futility is something that I’ve never accepted well- which may be why I continue to run for office.

Yesterday, I wrote about the teacher in Albany who may be fired for asking his/her students to write an essay explaining to their teacher that Jews were evil. I believe this teacher had succeeded in a teachable moment. The Zoot Theatre company gives you an opportunity to see the horrors of the Holocaust this afternoon, through a lens that makes it more real than any text or film. I urge you to go if you possibly can. I’ve read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s search for meaning” which was recommended to me by Martin Sheen over dinner at his brother John’s house. This play made more of an impression. Go this afternoon.

Tell them Clara Hirsch sent you.

Better basketball- better price. UD Women tonight at 9pm

For the record- I play hockey, where goals are few and far between, and teamwork is everything. But, when it comes to hoops, I much prefer to watch women’s ball than mens, where they actually pass, run plays and move the ball.

Tonight you can sit in the same seats that others pay thousands to watch the mens team play- and see a better game- for $1.

The nationally-ranked University of Dayton women’s basketball team hosts Duquesne Monday, Feb. 18 at UD Arena in a Red Out. Two of the top teams in the Atlantic 10 conference will square off in this CBS Sports Network nationally-televised game with John Sadak (play-by-play) and Julianne Viani (analyst) on the call. Tip is scheduled for 9 p.m. ET. Game audio is also available on with Shane White and Angie Russell. The Flyers are first in the A-10 standings at 9-0, while Duquesne is 8-2 in the conference.


– The game is Heart Health Awareness Game and fans are asked to wear red to Go Red for women’s heart health and for a Red Out effect. Fans who wear red get in for $1.

via News.

Parking is free too. Seating is General Admission- so court side is possible if you get there early.

Normally tickets are only $5 and $3 for students with ID. If you’re looking for something fun tonight- Go Flyers!


The Dayton Revival: go before it’s gone

Matt Luongo at the Dayton Revival

Matt Luongo, visionary, hero, concert promoter, at his brainchild, the Downtown Revival in Dayton OH Sep 8, 2012

If you stay home today, and don’t come out to see:18 bands on three stages downtown for $44 (new one day pass rate) you:

  • Don’t love music
  • Don’t know a great deal when you see one
  • Can’t ever complain that there’s nothing to do in Dayton ever again.

The Dayton Revival is here.

I spent most of yesterday checking out bands I’d never seen before and having an awesome time. And the band I loved the most- “Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk” – which rocked my world. I think their drummer, Nikki Glaspie, may be one of the best rock and roll drummers I’ve ever seen- like a metronome with a kick like Chuck Norris and the moves of James Brown. I could have listened to them all day- and before this festival- I’d never heard of them.

Today you can hear:

I’ve wanted to see the Ohio Players since they were topping the charts when I was in High School- but, I also remember using Shazam to find out I really liked Karl Denson- and I’ve also heard that Heartless Bastards are amazing (but I’ve got my kids football game to see- so I’m missing it).

All of this wonderfullness didn’t come from the Downtown Dayton Partnership who is doing Urban Nights next Friday night – for my 50th birthday, or from the Dayton Development Coalition or Cityfolk (which has spoiled us for years with their festival which runs three days and was free or with a suggested $5 donation). It’s all because one crazy guy, Matt Luongo had the crazy idea that just because Austin has SXSW- Dayton can’t have something like it. He’s done an amazing job- and, unless a lot of you jump on that recently announced one-day $44 pass, he’s probably going to lose money. If you want to see this return- time to whip out the cash. As to the people who say that the $75 2-day pass was too expensive- it works out to about $2 a band- and some of them, like last nights headliner- John Legend, would easily cost you more than $45 just to see him- so quit yer bitchen. The weather is perfect- and the parking is easy and free in multiple garages downtown as well as at any parking meter.

There are also a ton of food vendors waiting to serve you- including some from local restaurants like my faves Taqueria Mixteca and South Park’s number 1 coffee shop Ghostlight Coffee.

Please support Matt and our city- come on down for a good time. Advice: bring sunscreen, a folding chair, water bottles. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a jacket for later because it will get cool, wear a hat, be prepared for a great time.

How to Engage (or enrage) Your Online Community to Build Your Business!

New Media Dayton logo

Free events, every month in Dayton

After this week, my credibility on building community online may be a little tarnished, (however unique daily visitors have gone up considerably) but, this event was scheduled long before:

Are you interested in new ideas that you can use to engage your online community to grow your business? The August 2012 New Media Dayton 2nd Friday meetup will feature a panel of social media and business leaders that will share strategies and tips to help you become more engaging in your social media efforts. These ideas can be applied immediately .. so don’t miss out!

The panel includes Alma Sove, Attorney from Sove & Sove LLC; Sue Reynolds, Social Media Analyst at R+L Carriers, and David Esrati from The Next Wave. This is going to be a great experience that you don’t want to miss. Sign up TODAY.

Register for your free admission: Engage Your Online Community to Build Your Business! – Eventbrite.

New Media Dayton is a great local group that hosts totally FREE events where you can learn about Social Media.

Next Friday, August 10, 2012, at 9:30 A.M. at Far Hills Community Church, 5800 Clyo Road, Centerville OH 45459 you can come heckle me in person- and maybe even learn something.

location moved: Kettering Recreation Complex – Conference Rm 1 2900 Glengarry Dr Dayton, OH 45420

We’ve been teaching our seminar since 2005 and I’ve given presentations across the country about WordPress, Open Source Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Comment Moderation and Organic Search Engine Optimization.

Again, the event is free. I’ll be talking about why I blog for business and for the community on this site and what you can expect to accomplish as well as tips and tricks to get more visits to your site and calls to your business.