Stories you don’t see in the Dayton Daily News

The Dayton Daily News chooses to report news that is friendly to the people who meet in back rooms and decide Dayton’s future. True investigative journalism is a thing of the past. Sometimes, stories are just slow to make it to the paper. These posts are breaking news or insight that the Dayton Daily News probably won’t cover or will get three days later.

I’ve never been afraid in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe because I’m wired wrong. On the way home from the first CIRGV meeting, I saw a young teen walking fast up W. Third with a 22.-caliber rifle, I turned my scooter around- and stopped him to talk- before he scurried off, and I called the police. Yes- […]

In a story in today’s DDn focusing on former Mayor Gary Leitzell’s position on issue 6, the paper did an amazing thing- it actually acknowledged the existence of which had a post on the city mailing on April 12: Earlier this month, David Esrati, who unsuccessfully ran for seat on the city commission last […]

The Cox empire may own Dayton with the “numbah 1″ TV station, the only newspaper and a few radio stations (K99, the Eagle, WHIO Radio), but the competition are the biggest players in TV- and one just got a lot bigger. Sinclair Broadcast group is the largest conglomeration of local TV stations in the country- […]

Remember when a guru was going to buy the old Society/Key bank building for half-a-million dollars at auction, and the Dayton Daily News crawled up his legal behind with a microscope, questioning everything about him? I do. I wrote about it: “You must be crazy – to invest in Dayton” It turned out they were […]

Dayton Daily News Editor in Chief,  Jana Collier, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: get paid to investigate local political backroom deals. Starting today, I’ll be the new editor for the special investigative MetroGov desk. Collier said it was becoming obvious that most of her reporters were depending on for leads on stories, […]

This “story” that WHIOTV ran today, is a prime example of manufactured news. Unfortunately- I can’t embed it here, like I can the well produced and much more factual story run by the Columbus station that got the story first. This was a laptop that I found on Craigslist. I sent my employee- Matthew […]

My first introduction to the Dayton Double Standard was when I bought my home for $14,500 in 1986. I proceeded to fix it up by putting up new garage doors only to be hauled into court for putting up wood grain vinyl doors in a historic district. First argument was how was I to know, […]

I almost missed the anniversary thanks to another discussion. Today marks the third anniversary of the murder of an American hero: Sgt. Maj. North E. Woodall See the previous posts: You aren’t forgotten Top. Chief Biehl, we’d still like to see this crime solved. The story is still hanging on my wall- looking at […]

Note: On the request of Jeff- I’ve deleted most of the post. The Army-produced video has his rank wrong. Jeff doesn’t like the headline either- he’s not a hero- just a guy doing his job. I’m not changing the link. He’s still a hero in my book- for many reasons, Jeff Lee grew up in […]

Dear Boss of Lynn Hulsey, When re-writing a story that broke two days ago, standard practice is to attribute your source. If you don’t know this, try reading about it on Wikipedia: The Montgomery County Board of Elections on Tuesday fired a part-time election worker for writing on a voter’s application for an absentee […]