Steps backward in Dayton

A cryptic email came out today about the cancellation of the big party in the Oregon District for the NCAA first four that kicks off March Madness. Oregon business owners / property owners and interested parties of the Oregon District: Regarding the First Four Festival: The Local Organizing Committee has been working with the NCAA […]

Heard today from one of my vendors that Dayton Legal Blank sent letters saying they closed the doors Feb 11, 2013. From their website: DLB is a nationally renowned elections company and commercial printing company, founded in 1883 and located in the Dayton, Ohio Metro area. Today, DLB serves customers throughout Ohio and numerous other […]

An article about church leaders asking for bus service direct to the Dayton Mall and to the Fairfield Commons Mall brings out the absolute worst in our community: A coalition of 18 churches wants the owner of the Dayton Mall and the Mall at Fairfield Commons to boost bus service to those retail centers. “What […]

Moraine is hurting. They won’t be the first or the last community to struggle thanks to the economic meltdown. The Dayton Daily News mocked me for suggesting that the City put the airport- a regional asset, on the table as an opener to discuss regionalism. Now we have Splash Moraine closing: City officials built Splash […]

There are buildings that shouldn’t be torn down. There are people who don’t understand that. When I look at pictures of Dayton from 1950, I realize that much of our decline started with “urban renewal” of the early 1960s. I also know that Europeans laugh at what we call old, when they routinely still use […]

It’s time for heads to roll at RTA. While the board is being told that they have to cut routes and raise fairs, they aren’t being told that RTA chief Mark Donaghy fired his advertising sales person 3 years ago- and has failed to be able to figure out how to sell ads effectively since. […]


by David Esrati on June 10, 2009

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I’m not supposed to share this with you according to our neighborhood president. But, that’s not me. This site is my connection to the world, and it’s your connection to me. If I am to represent you, I have to be open, honest and transparent. I went home for lunch today. It’s a short walk […]

Getting elected county auditor is an honor, thinking you have the right to plaster your face anywhere you want- at taxpayer expense is ego. In fact, I question if auditors should be able to put their name on the stickers on scales and gas pumps, without having to pay for it out of campaign funds. […]

The petitions for the Dayton City Commission races aren’t due till March 6th. Doesn’t seem to matter to the Montgomery County Democratic Party which endorsed incumbents Rhine McLin for Mayor and Commissioners Joey Williams and Nan Whaley from the Central Committee floor back in their December meeting. Of course, you find no record of this- […]

Gary Leitzell (who is running for Mayor) is turning into our local Lady Bird Johnson. Johnson was a primary mover in stopping billboards on Interstate highways in the 60′s because they were ruining the landscape. Same argument could be made for all kinds of things from power lines to cell towers, to wind turbines. Personally, […]