Smoke Free Ohio

Our legislators are really good at coming up with new laws, regulations and restrictions- without figuring out the costs of enforcement. When the smoking ban went into place it was totally unclear about who would enforce the ban. As some establishments chose to ignore the ban, thinking fines were just going to be a cost […]

It’s been a year. And now our County is finally handing out it’s first fines. Makes you wonder if some people working for the county should still have jobs? What part of the law didn’t they understand? The county health board approved fines Wednesday, Aug. 24, for three area drinking establishments accused of breaking the […]

When an issue goes on the ballot- the voters don’t get to line item vote- it’s a simple yay- nay thing. We also don’t get to make excuses after the fact. We are presented with a choice and vote. Simple. No trying to define the word “is” or anything else. And in the election – […]

Wayne Avenue is closed today- from Bainbridge to E. Fifth Street- for St. Patty’s day- so the Dublin Pub can have a drunk fest. This closing affects other businesses (Coco’s for one) and the rest of us- who might need to get from here to there. Why does a single business get to close a […]

Today’s paper had a shortened version of what I sent in- here are both versions: Know what to do if person has a seizure; Learning trades should be option; Death penalty needs re-examination; Act of protest seems to be lost art Act of protest seems to be lost art Re “Theater audiences are free to […]

Ziggy’s Ritz- YOU SUCK.

by David Esrati on January 17, 2007

in Smoke Free Ohio, Steps backward in Dayton

We went to Ziggy’s Ritz. 5670 Springboro Pike, Dayton OH at 9pm tonight- the doors were open- and the smell of smoke still greeted us before we got through the doors. I asked the girl at the door why I smelled smoke- and she said “Cause they’re not enforcing the law in bars for 6 […]

Today, the Dayton Daily News ran my fellow protester’s piece on our protest- of course they ran it on a Monday- one of their low circulation days. It’s already got one of their “Most Popular” links attached- and while this issue is important- what’s become more important is our State Government’s lame “we’re not enforcing […]

I went to the Dublin Pub tonight- looking forward to being able to eat indoors, normally, due to the smoke, I can only eat on their patio. I see the no smoking sign posted in the window- but inside people are smoking- and there are ashtrays on the bar- and the tables. I went to […]

Today’s DDN has a long (by their new “McNews” format) about the smoking ban- and its application to theater productions. It’s the same issue we protested outside Moonlight and Magnolias- see “Join my crusade! Smoke Free Theater in Dayton“, and DDN theater critic Terry Morris interviews Marsha Hanna. Considering Pam Strohmeyer and I protested this […]

From Smoke Free Ohio: On Thursday December 7th, for the first time in Ohio’s history, all Ohioans will be able to go out to eat, go to a bowling alley, even go out for a drink with friends in a completely smoke-free environment. Hard to imagine, right? Not anymore! So, what is the best way […]