Presidential race 2008

If we all believed change was real…

by David Esrati on November 5, 2008

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We’d take down our partisan political signs and replace them with flags. Change we can believe in, begins with change in ourselves.

It hasn’t sunk all the way in yet. Maybe by morning, I’ll feel like the dark ages of 8 years of a moron in charge are finally over. Maybe, we could even see Congress impeach Bush, and get started early. When you have Mike Turner telling people he’s endorsed by Obama, even stranger things can […]

When advertising does good in politics

by David Esrati on November 4, 2008

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We’ve seen the worst in political ads this election- but once in a while, advertising can really make you think- like this ad by Grey advertising. Simple bit of Photoshop- and you get an image that puts things in perspective. Consider who you’re voting for: Obama or McCain. Now, look at the reversed-race image created […]

Before I start, I’m going to remind everyone of something said by George H. Bush that helped him win an election: “Read my lips, No new taxes.” It was a lie. So before you get caught up with “Obama is a socialist” or “McCain is better for business because he won’t “redistribute your wealth” remember, […]

At this point, I’m tired of polls. I’m tired of discussions about; race, issues, merits, experience, redistribution of wealth, health care plans, the war, the economy, who is more like George Bush and if any of this matters. Our system is set-up to really screw-up: The popular vote doesn’t count- so if your state is […]

At some point America should put the smackdown on political speech. It’s starting to get dangerous. In our do and say anything to get elected environment, hiding under the protection of “free speech” and counting on the slowness of the courts and regulatory authorities to act, we’re undermining the power of those who do get […]

Why Obama is marketer of the year.

by David Esrati on October 17, 2008

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Advertising Age magazine just named the Obama 08 campaign and Barack Obama marketer of the year. Beating out Apple and by a landslide. As a practitioner of the trade, I’ve watched this campaign run like a steamroller, picking up steam, hammering home a simple message of “Change we can believe in” that was so […]

Yesterday, John McCain had to start defending the character of Barack Obama after he had been inciting fear and suggesting that Barack Obama is connected to terrorism. Now, more than ever, we need to be talking about issues and coming together as Americans. Even John McCain is seeing how the policy of divisiveness isn’t appropriate […]

The day has arrived for us to take a serious look at our Nation, and where it has been headed. Although we still pretend to be a Country where “all men are created equal” it now costs a million to be “elected” to Congress and a few billion to buy the presidency. I’ve asked the […]

When I watched the debate on Tuesday night I could almost predict- line for line, word for word, what was going to come out of both candidates mouths. Even though the candidates were speaking extemporaneously, it was as if marketing has taken over and the brand message gets repeated over and over until we all […]