It’s great in Dayton

TED talks started out as an invite-only exclusive party for the Illuminati. Technology, Entertainment, Design. But thanks to the web- everyone can go- forever into eternity. TEDx is allowing other places in on the fun. Think of it as the minor leagues- but, the reality is, everyone has a shot to become the next big […]

Nope, this isn’t a post about my 2012 congressional campaign, I’ll win that. This is about those resolutions you made last night while swinging from a chandelier yelling “I love you, man!” Yep, Americans love to head to the gym every January on a quest to lose weight and get in better shape. Most of […]

I just got back from a tasting at Olive, an Urban Dive. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many delicious, amazing, different bites of food in my life. 30+ tastes of dishes- with two rounds of Jeni’s  Splendid Ice creams in between. I took photos- with the iPhone, but I’m here to tell you […]

This Thursday night- if you don’t have anything else to do- come down to Pecha Kucha and hear me speak for exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds while displaying 20 slides in a PowerPoint deck. You can also hear 8, infinitely more interesting people the same night. And for the first time- this is FREE. […]

Somedude suggested a thread about songs about Dayton- or mentioning Dayton. I know it’s a cheap thrill to watch the trailer for the new JJ Abrams movie Super 8 that mentions Dayton, I also loved that the book “My losing season” by Pat Conroy begins with an anecdote in Books and Company, where Pat Conroy […]

First regret- I didn’t make it over to W. Third street this time- last year it was the happening place. We started out meeting a bunch of friends at Taqueria Mixteca- the best hole in the wall Mexican food in town. Good news is that they are planning on expanding and adding a liquor license- […]

We’ve got talent in Dayton- both in singing and production. Patty Berg sings- and my good friend Sam Manavis puts his steady hands on the video editing for a lovely day after Valentine’s Day song for you:

Who needs a “Young Creative Summit” to build a digital hub? Bill Pote over at DaytonMostMetro just created an events calendar online, with RSS feeds, and all the connectivity to web 2.0 goodness you’ll need. You can’t log in as a member- and manage your own account (which means more work for Bill)- but it […]

Dayton has a great theater community. Maybe it’s left over from the Kenley Players days, or is a direct result of it. The Human Race does a wonderful job, as does the Dayton Playhouse. Add the Warehouse Theatre (note stupid British spelling) in Downtown Dayton. From their website: Vicki Brown, Sharon Lane, and Phyllis Turner, […]

Destination Dayton!

by David Esrati on April 23, 2009

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If you’ve not met Teri Lussier or read her blog “The Brick Ranch”- it’s time to run over and read this post: I had an interesting conversation the other day. A potential buyer is looking online and finds me and gives me a call. He’s a Californian. He’s a family man. He’s a hard-working construction […]