Historic South Park

A neighbor asked me to help find a tenant for her half double last week. She’s not that computer literate and very busy. I posted on Facebook, Nov 20 around 1:30pm: To all my friends who want to live in South Park- my neighbor ___________ has a half a double on Adams Street. 2 bedroom, […]

Fifteen years or so ago- I noticed a whole lot of houses in the neighborhood for sale. I organized a neighborhood open house. Each realtor or for sale by owner was invited to join. For the cost of one half of one percent of the homes’ listed price, you would be included on a map […]

If you’ve never heard of MidPark- don’t feel left out. A lot of people have no clue. It’s the working name for the little stretch of land between downtown Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital in the “middle of South Park” – well sort of. And a bunch of money is about to be spent there. […]

We eat a lot of omelets here- and like feta for the cheese. Usually we go to Halal International Market and buy their bulk feta- but this morning we were out- and they weren’t open. So- I went to Kroger. $3 got me 4oz of feta- Halal charges $3.99lb for greek domestic feta. To get […]

It’s nice to see a good news piece about our neighborhood , Historic South Park, as the cover story of the Dayton City Paper. Despite what you may think about this neighborhood from reading the uncensored stories here- of my recent break-ins (which can almost all be connected directly with just a few bad actors). […]

With massive vacancies in commercial space in Dayton (a banker from out of town told me that his people thought downtown was a ghost town when looking at site selection)- the city of Dayton still does its best to make business all but impossible. Today’s Dayton Daily had an article about businesses moving to Springboro- […]

South Park is my neighborhood- and for the last three years this neighborhood has shown its community spirit and hipness by presenting the Bard, for free- in the ‘hood. A good number of the actors and support people live in the neighborhood. Consider yourself invited to this year’s production of Romeo and Juliet- updated to […]

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a bit: The Chief of Police seems to understand what is happening better than the people in planning or in “economic development”- he’s redistricted South Park, the Oregon District and the Fairgrounds neighborhood into the Central Business District. ‘Bout time. Downtown just started being bigger than a […]

Dayton wins!

by David Esrati on January 11, 2010

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For all the bad news and naysayers- this one’s for you. I’ve even done my share of pointing out the flaws in our fair city- but with the goal of moving us forward. Today, I decided to interview a neighbor, the lovely and talented Melissa Aldridge. She graduated from Belmont High School, attended Wright State […]

In my congressional run, I made a video featuring Woodland Cemetery, one of my favorite places in Dayton. That it’s just four blocks away helps too. Besides being the tallest point in Dayton, it’s absolutely breathtaking at the crack of dawn when I like to either run or walk through the final resting places of […]