Feeble minds

On the campaign trail, Commissioner Williams talks about how he brought fiscal responsibility to City Hall under his watch. Sure, that’s why the city spent over $4 million first declaring part of Twin Towers blighted, then paying for appraisals, options and buildings in a 12 acre parcel over 5 years of his watch- with no […]

Last night we heard both Presidential candidates talk about being pro-small business. What we needed to hear was that if either was elected, “Inspector Gotcha” would be put on America’s Most Wanted List and hunted like Bin Laden. Thanks to Vandalia, we get to see another prime example of stupidity in power: One building code […]

Yesterday, the president, our first black president, finally took the correct stand on gay marriage- to support it. It’s not about god, the bible or religion, it’s about equal rights. The same equal rights that were so long in coming to the black community, are starting to have a chance for the LBGT community. On […]

The Ohio EPA is discussing the licensing of compost heaps. Not the one in your backyard- but, if you have a community garden- the new standards will require logging of all waste contributed. That’s right- want to throw your banana peels and coffee grounds into a community compost pile (like we have in South Park) […]

Yes, we’re the state responsible for GW Bush’s reelection. We also gave the Country John Boehner. And now, despite every indication that money spent on all-day kindergartens is probably the best education investment that we can make- 30 Republican senators think it’s a bad idea: Removing mandates will be a way to relieve financial pressure […]

Symbolism, rhetoric and idiots on parade

by David Esrati on September 11, 2010

in America in Crisis, Feeble minds

Today is 9/11 (2010) Up until 2001 if you said it- I thought of a Porsche. German engineering at its finest. Of course, the association of German engineering overlooked the German-engineered genocide during WWII. But, as Americans, we’re not going to let go of a terrorist attack so easily. We can’t- because it has been […]

It didn’t take long before I got an email suggesting NOT to shop at the following businesses because of their support of the Tea Party. It’s this kind of partisan BS that is killing our country. However I can tell you that my company has lost business because I choose to take a political stand. […]

Anytime you see “emergency ordinance” take a second look. Most of the time it means either: the commission is made up of idiots who didn’t see something coming, or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. In this case- both. And, it’s our first Gary Leitzell no vote- with no real solution […]

Fear. It’s a powerful weapon. It’s also a great diversion. While you’re terrified, you typically don’t think about things rationally- or tend to make good decisions. Masters of propaganda know this. Manipulated masses don’t. The whole “news story” about Toyota’s engineering problem is just another instance of the magician distracting you while they do their […]

For years I’ve been accused of sending out bizarre snail mail- often photocopied, cut and pasted, taped together. Sometimes it has my return address, sometimes it has someone else’s- and I would get it, too. I’ve had letters written back to me from Mayor McLin, Maureen Pero- thanking me curtly for my “notes”- for a […]