Elect Esrati Volunteer Opportunities

If you see a basketball net with a bright green bottom, I hung it. If you see a rim without a net, or with a poor excuse for one- call 985-1312 and I’ll get one out and hung. That’s the message that isn’t on my campaign literature. It’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning […]

Last call. Saturday night, March 16, 2013, you can come to my home, and be served my amazing chicken parmigiana. It’s famous on three continents, and has won over my cantankerous father who claims not to like chicken. Of course, this is a fundraiser- it’s $125 per person for my Dayton City Commission race. Not […]

We’ll need to raise a bit more money to finish the primary campaign strong and propel the campaign forward against the winner of the Republican primary (most likely Mike Turner). So, please join me and many of the volunteers at Ghostlight Coffee, 1201 Wayne Ave from 7pm to 9:00 pm for a fundraiser. We’ll have […]

If all you ever read about me was what you saw in the Dayton Daily News… Or, what you heard from the people in power whom I’ve questioned and exposed on this site…. Or from people who might have met me once- or thought they knew me…. You’d have some choice descriptions. The first time […]

A few readers have sent me messages asking why not as many posts of late? Did the Monarchy of Montgomery County stop being evil? Did your tax dollars all of a sudden just get diverted to providing actual needed governmental service? Did our political leaders all just wake up and realize that it’s not about […]

It’s official. It’s a three-way race. With the election coming up so quickly, it’s unlikely that the other candidates can work the web as fast as I can. http://www.electesrati.com/ is up- and the donation page is up. I don’t need a lot of money- but I do need money for printing, for mailings, and for […]

You’ve heard of the Democrats and the Republicans, well, there’s a third party in town: The Dayton Pizza Party. Membership is $15 and gets you Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory all you can eat, soda and blues from “The Miserable Howling Dogs Blues Band” Then head over to Patterson Park with David Esrati for a Candidates […]

Gotta raise money for those yard signs. So, get your special “Stand up to the political machine” poster, with an incredible illustration by local illustrator Geoff Smith, for $10 each on 80# cover stock. They are 11×17 and available for pickup at 100 Bonner Street, but if you donate $25 or more, I’ll hand deliver.

When I knock on doors this campaign, the most important thing is not who you’ll vote for- but sharing your e-mail address with me. I’m not going to spam you, or sell the list. Every e-mail I’ll send you will include a simple click to unsubscribe link- and be totally CAN-SPAM compliant. If you don’t […]

Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, I feel comfortable turning in 642 signatures to meet the 500-signature requirement for the Dayton City Commission race. I get my signatures by taking a list of registered voters and going door-to-door. It’s a time-consuming process- because it typically takes at least 5 doors to find 1 with someone home. […]