The Economic Divide

The United States division of wealth is becoming greater, while our ability to maintain a standard of living is dropping. This division could be one of the largest threats to Democracy that is being ignored.

The security cameras that were all over the store didn’t catch a thing when a robber stepped behind the counter and pointed a gun at the manager’s head, that’s because they were fake. The manager had just taken over the store after 8 years with the company. She’d lived in the neighborhood most of her […]

Tonight, Dayton has the opportunity to hear one of those “experts” come in and tell us the secret to education. This one is a “Sir” as in knighted by the queen, as an “educationalist.” Sir Kenneth Robinson will be giving a free talk at the UD Rec Plex gym at 7:30 pm. But, you can […]

I lost a few good friends when I wrote the post, “Who’s the criminal? SCLC, Montgomery County or CareSource? It wasn’t something you publicly say when the payroll taxes of CareSource are the only thing keeping the City coffers filled then or now. Once again, the government is pursuing the little guys instead of the […]

The changes to taxes and distribution under the Kasich administration has had devastating effect on local governments. Most are scrambling to replace revenue that used to come from the “local government fund” and the windfalls of the inheritance tax used to prop up some communities that wouldn’t exist had it not been for wealthy residents […]

If you are reading this, more than likely you have internet access. In fact, you probably take it for granted. Not so in many of the homes with doors I knock on to campaign for the Dayton City Commission. Using Google to look things up, or email to communicate is as foreign to them as […]

Ohio raised the minimum wage 15¢ an hour to a whopping $7.85 per hour for 2013. Making minimum wage gives you annual earnings of $16,328 — a $340 increase. Tipped employees will receive a minimum wage of $3.93 plus tips. Employees younger than 16 must be paid no less than the federal minimum wage, which […]

The union of decent human beings

by David Esrati on November 27, 2012

in Change the world, The Economic Divide

Before Wisconsin Governor Walker tried to make state-sponsored union bashing into sport, and before the labor union movement in the twenties, what just happened in Bangladesh, where 112 people died in a sweat shop making clothes for Wal-Mart used to happen here. Exploitation of human capital for profit is nothing new. The only question is […]

Medicare is a major financial driver for healthcare in Ohio; the government insurance program for the elderly and disabled younger people paid for 41 percent of all medical services at Ohio hospitals last year, according to the Ohio Hospital Association. via Hospitals’ Medicare funding cut over readmissions | There is no arguing that America […]

Throughout history, with each new war-fighting technology the inventors thought they had created the ultimate deterrent to war. From the catapult, to the machine-gun to mustard gas to nuclear bombs and ICBMs the idea that if you build the ultimate weapon, war as we know it will end, because who would be stupid enough to […]

I’ve asked the question many times- how can the CEO of a “non-profit” that gets its entire funding from the federal government to distribute and manage tax dollars targeted to the poor- pay herself $3 million a year? How do hospitals, which receive a lion’s share of their revenue from Medicare and Medicaid, claim “non-profit” […]