America in Crisis

The security cameras that were all over the store didn’t catch a thing when a robber stepped behind the counter and pointed a gun at the manager’s head, that’s because they were fake. The manager had just taken over the store after 8 years with the company. She’d lived in the neighborhood most of her […]

I was having a discussion today about first jobs, entry-level jobs, and “when I was a youngster” type stories. Someone mentioned that in Oregon and New Jersey they have people pump gas at gas stations. Why? Back when I was a kid, and gas was well under a buck a gallon, not only would they […]

A friend in advertising posted this video on Facebook, it had over four million views yesterday and close to 8 million today. He said “We look, but do we see?” He’s an award-winning copywriter and his perspectives are often insightful, thought provoking and almost always pithy. He says more with less than most I know. […]

End the frequent flyers at the county jail

by David Esrati on October 30, 2013

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I’m pretty sure that if someone focused on our local jail population, we’d find a core group of people who seem stuck in a revolving door. I know one of them all too well, I’ve been a “big brother” for the last 26 years. In the last month, he’s been a guest of the taxpayers […]

As of yesterday, the idiots in Congress decided to turn their “government shutdown” into a paid vacation for government employees. the House, in a rare Saturday session, voted unanimously to guarantee that federal workers would receive back pay once the shutdown ended, offering a promise of relief, if not an actual rescue, to more than […]

Foreclosure crisis hits Esrati.

by David Esrati on October 1, 2013

in America in Crisis

Last year sucked. But, without going into the details, of why- I’ll walk you through how the banks are working to actively screw people. 10 years ago, I went to US Bank and got a 15 year loan against my house to refinance some business debt. My ad agency is a sole proprietorship, and banks […]

July 29 came and passed this year- and I forgot to write a post. This is to make up for it. SGM Woodall was murdered in the city of Dayton. The 2009 front page story from the Dayton Daily News still hangs right behind my monitor, over my desk. Headline, “Veteran of 3 wars, dies […]

A warning to Florida

by David Esrati on July 15, 2013

in America in Crisis

First, you gave us GWB with your lame ballot design and a stupid court decision. Next, you let Zimmerman walk. Is this a better solution?

A sad day for justice in America

by David Esrati on July 13, 2013

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I don’t want to live in a society where guns are considered necessary. The wild west is nice in movies, but, I’ve never considered gunslinging to be an honorable profession. George Zimmerman was a gunslinger, and somehow vigilante justice just got a hall pass- and I don’t like it. When it comes to most things, […]

Zombie flicks seem to be all the rage these days. The un-dead coming to make us dead. That’s no help for Devonta Marquise Rayford, who died on June 13, and won’t have an 18th birthday. He was allegedly shot by a 17-year-old, whose name was published in the paper, Isaiah J. Coleman. Rayford went to […]